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Why Us?

"Why a Boondock Camper?"

Because you're an Ansel Adams kind of adventurer. You're one of the mad ones, as Jack Kerouac would say, and won't be constrained by Interstates, KOA's, gas stations or toll roads.

Because you want just enough - a soft bed, a hot stove, and a roll of paper towels at hand. We sell Sleeper campers, simple beds on wheels; classic Teardrop campers, your glamping headquarters; and Caravan campers, which are lightweight and stylish conventional travel trailers.

And - let's admit it - you're sexy, and your camper should be, too.

We fit a unique niche. All our campers are optimized for "boondocking." That's a colloquialism for dry camping, anywhere from the beachside to the urban jungle. We are simple by design. Functionality is king. However, our semi-custom manufacturing approach allows you to choose your favorite styles and features a la carte. We'll work with you whether you have $3,000 or $12,000. We even sell Sandbox models, left empty inside for you to finish out as you please. Get a quote by filling out the Customer Needs Questionnaire.

Every Boondock Camper is a brainchild. It's not just clever cabinetry and retro appeal; it's a water-, insect- and idiot-proof modern vehicle. We believe in kaizen - that's a Japanese term for continuous, bull-headed, never-quit innovation. And we partner with local businesses and artists to support other entrepreneurs and uniquely beautify every model.

Most importantly, we're in love with the scent of a Ponderosa pine grove and the flames of a Gulf Coast sunset. And there's no better way to get there than a Boondock Camper.

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All-aluminum, weatherproof exterior

All Boondock Campers are protected by mill finish, painted or anodized aluminum. Mill finish aluminum can be polished to your chosen appearance, while painted aluminum weathers much like automotive sheet metal. Anodized aluminum has an extremely hard, durable, protective clear surface that cannot peel, flake, chip or blister. We use Exterior Class I, the toughest, thickest coating available. It adds a satin luster and helps prevents scratches for the lifetime of the product. Think of it as invisible armor. All exterior seams are permanently taped and twice sealed to prevent water intrusion.

Trail-ready frames and suspensions

No kits here! We put a lot of money into the trailer: lifetime LED waterpoof lighting, Timbren Axle-Less suspension, American-made jacks and couplers, etc. All Boondock Campers are designed for strenuous cross-country travel on paved and semi-maintained road surfaces. Further 4WD upgrade packages are available, including 4-inch lifted suspensions, 225/75-R15 tires on aluminum alloy rims, the Lock n' Roll 3-axis coupler, etc.

Ventilated and insulated for year-round use

Fan-Tastic and Ventline fans and roof vents prevent condensation and keep you comfortable during cold nights and sweltering afternoons. Boondock Campers also offers ClimateRight, Coleman and Friedrich air conditioners/heaters for extreme weather camping. All campers feature a fully insulated roof; Xtreme models have insulated walls and floors as well. You are welcome to add as many doors, windows and skylights as you can squeeze in!

Accessibility: More than just a word

Not everyone who camps fits the young-family-laughing-over-a-campfire poster image. If you have health and/or mobility issues, we'll work with you to optimize a Boondock Camper for your use, including entry steps, SuperSIZED walls, oversized doors, platform bed frames, etc.

Careful construction come standard

We only trust brand-name manufacturers like SPAX, Geocel, Roseburg, EternaBond, Marinco, American Pacific, NOCO and VyCom. Most of our suppliers design and/or build their products right here in America. We agonize over technical problems like galvanic corrosion and vehicle load transfer so you don't have to. Every model comes backed by an industry-superior 2-year workmanship and materials warranty.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Here at Boondock Campers, we believe that your environmental footprint ought to be as small as your camper. We recycle shipping and packaging materials, partner with charity:water through Amazon Smile, purchase sustainably-sourced natural materials, and avoid toxic chemicals where possible. We also support local artists by including free artwork with most campers.

Partners & Artists

bill's custom welding

Bill’s Custom Welding offers high-quality welding and custom fabrication services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in our shop and through mobile services.

eclectic originals

An Ozark gift boutique taking local art to the next level. All products - handmade signs, keyhooks, soaps, wine bottle stoppers, jewelery, etc. - are made right here in the Ozarks.

Roch Herrick

Roch Herrick offers turnkey solutions as a digital animator and effects artist. He uses Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to design elegant logos along with print and web graphics.


Understand this: Functionality is king. While we appreciate handcrafted mahogany exteriors, drop-in propane stoves and stainless steel counter tops, you won't find those features on a Boondock Camper. That's not our game. We focus on the most bang for your buck.

Most Boondock Campers, whether a Sleeper, Teardrop or Caravan Camper, are simpler affairs. Some are Sandbox models, left with empty interiors for you to finish out as you please. These may cost as little as $2,500. Others are quite luxurious, featuring air conditioning, stereo systems, rooftop cargo racks, skylights, LED reading lights, etc. These may cost up to $15,000. Most are somewhere in between, usually between $4,000 and $8,000.

We believe you should pay for what you use. Don't need a fancy-schmany kitchen galley? Don't order it. With that said, we're not cheap. We don't do kit trailers, MDF paneling, incandescent lighting or softwood cabinetry. Our mantra is that we'll build as simple as you want - not necessarily as cheap.

Cabinetry deserves a special mention. Since custom cabinetry is not cheap, all cabinetry is standardized and left rather simple. Galley cabinetry accommodates bar prep sinks and common camping coolers and propane stoves. Cabin cabinetry fits clothes, backpacks, small outdoor gear – and maybe even a small TV or radio. We have found it much more economical, with no drop in quality, to encourage customers to purchase aftermarket cabinet, drawer and counter top organizers to expand their storage capabilities.

With that said, we offer lots of cosmetic and structural customization. Structurally, we offer six profiles, three lengths, four widths, and three heights. We also offer completely insulated shells (Xtreme) and all-composite shell construction (Apocalypse Marine). Cosmetic options include choosing your favorite aluminum colors, interior design style, cabinet doors, and headliner hue. Functionality may be king, but we're not averse to spending a little extra on recessed LED ceiling lights or Americana baby moon chrome hub caps. If you have a particular artistic vision in mind, we encourage you to purchase a Sandbox model and unleash your creative powers!

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Boondock Campers is an affordable ownership experience. That means your camper should be easily maintained without specialized tooling or skills. We use bolt-on trailer features for easy replacement, shellac wood finishes for non-toxic touch-up; American-made RV windows and doors, etc.

As our name suggests, we're big fans of boondocking. That's the art of camping just about anywhere: parking lots, lake shores, rest areas, etc. Therefore, all Boondock Campers are designed primarily for “dry camping.” We emphasize portable 12-volt DC power use and generation. We prefer hand-pumped water systems. We put a lot of money into the trailer, trusting the award-winning Timbren Axle-Less suspension for all our standard campers.

In short, a Boondock Camper is just what it says: A camper designed for the boondocks. It's not a Class A motorhome. It's not the destination; it's the journey.

About & Contact

Boondock Campers are designed and crafted by Andrew Herrick, EIT. Built in central Missouri, each model is designed using scratch paper and AutoCAD software and hand-manufactured with the utmost care and expedience. Custom orders are welcome. All campers are field-tested and backed by a 2-year warranty.

Andy founded Boondock Campers in April 2016. After he obtained his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Missouri S&T, he opted out of an office-based career to pursue what he loved: Designing and fabricating custom campers.

Want a quote? Download the Customer Needs Questionnaire and return via e-mail.

Boondock Campers is a proud supporter of local businesses and artists. Most campers come with original artwork from local artists for your enjoyment.

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